My November challenge – From Concept to Product Launch in 30 Days – Day 1

Each day from now (10th November 2011) Until 10th December 2011, I will post an additional blog of my activities in putting together, creating the product and marketing an online product launch.

I’m going to be honest and frank and report my successes, my temporary challenges, my learnings, my growth, my frustrations and exhilaration as I build and launch a product.

 The Concept

The idea is to launch an online product, related to NLP/success, which will sell for around £67. Right now I have not defined or outlined the product. This is a fresh, blank canvass idea.


Why am I doing this and sharing it with you?

I am making this very public as following through to completion on a product has become one of my personal challenges. I absolutely know there are some limiting beliefs and values conflicts which get me close to completing something and then I go into sabotage mode and manifest some very creative stuff for not completing.

I am so aware that this has manifestd big time since my partners death and ‘I think I should’ have worked out what my unconscious clearly wants me to see by now.

though I have done some work, I acknowldge that I haven’t quite cleared it as I have recognised the seeds of self sabotage sprouting in the last couple of days when some amazing opportunitis have arisen.

From a self-coaching and clearing perspective I’m working on this daily for the next 30 days too.

I’m Very Tired of Being Here

Have you ever had that feeling?

This issue has really bottomed out for me now and I really want to move forward and let it go.

I have trained for two years to put this in to practice. I have all of the skills, knowledge and technical know how. The only thing that has stopped me is me.
Completing this exercise will be life changing for me in many ways, so I hope you’ll join me and support me on this journey.

So where do I begin? – with the end in mind

The Goal

It is the 10th December 2011 and I am looking at the stats results for my NLP caffeine product launch. From a zero starting point 30 days ago I have sold ten plus units of an online product that I have created, marketed and sold online. I have utilised direct response marketing, social media, blog, video promotion, and affiliate marketing in my online marketing strategy and I have measurable feedback from each step in my campaign as well as a blue print for future campaigns. I am so thrilled with myself and excited about the next part of the campaign.


First Steps

So what are the first few things that I should do?

  • Decide and define my niche and audience
  • Clearly identify their issues, problems and what they are looking for, what do they want?
  • Decide how my NLP related solution could resolve those issues, offer value beyond expectations – what do they get?
  • Decide what bonus products I can and want to offer.
  • What Guarantee will I offer
  • Price points
  • Plan out the product away from the computer – I already have a product planning Blue print and marketing blue print. It includes some basic stuff such as
    • Type of product
    • Prices
    • Flow of delivery
    • Automation
    • One-to-one involvement
    • The story
    • High level launch plan – decide strategy
    • Decide key dates and milestones
    • Lower level funnel and detail plan


By When?

My aim is to have identified niche/audience, their problem and solution (product idea) by the end of tomorrow and to report that in my new blog.

Your Personal Invitation

If you would like to join me on my daily journey please email me at heather@heatherbond.me and I will send you the link to the blog.
Or you can request to join this group on Facebook
30 Day Product Launch Challenge
Limited offer – I will only add you to the group or give out the link if you contact me before mdnight on Sunday 12th November 2011.

And yes that does mean I’ll be hosting 2 blogs for the next 30 days – aren’t you lucky to have free access to such valuable content (I really have and am trainng with the best) :)

I look forward to meeting you at the new blog site or group page. Wish me luck!


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