Create a Social Media Strategy to Make this Your Best Quarter Yet

As we come to the close of the year take the opportunity to launch new programs, Coaching Packages and Social Media Campaigns to really ramp up your business.
Traditionally the final quarter of the year is the busiest for businesses and is the perfect time to reach out to new clients as they look to end the year on a high.

 How can Social Media help you?


Here are 5 tips to help you create a focused and strategic Social Media Marketing campaign.


1)      Begin with the End in Mind
Decide your objectives right up front. Ensure you know your audience, understand your product/service and are absolutely clear on what you want your campaign to achieve. It could be more clients, a greater following, or building your list for example. Choose ONE thing and focus your campaign around it.

2)      Use Keywords. You know your audience and understand how they will search for your services online. Do a keyword search and use those keywords to build community, create great and valuable content and in any posts you make to Social Media

3)      Provide Valuable and engaging content again aimed at your target audience and niche.  Position yourself as the expert and really provide valuable information that your audience can use immediately and get benefit. This builds credibility and trust. Avoid constantly selling. It’s about building engagement and relationship first.

4)      Keep front of mind your purpose and this will determine the call to action you give to your audience. Provide a call to action (ask them to take specific action) so that they navigate to your landing page or like your Twitter profile, or feedback on your blog – whatever the result you are looking for.

5)      Consider mobile marketing and making your content available to mobile devices. This includes really thinking about creating a special area of your site that is mobile friendly from a user perspective. Consider investing in landing pages specifically for mobile devices and makes sure you’ve claimed your places for your business.


Finally, pull together all of your social media activity in to a long-term strategy to support your campaigns, build your brand and establish you as an expert in your niche.

If you have any questions please feel free to connect with me so I can help.

And remember – here’s to your best quarter yet!!

Heather Bond 

Heather Bond


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