Watch Me Rise…

I saw a beautiful quote from Rumi yesterday – something like ‘you saw me fall now watch as I rise’

I know a number of friends and associates who have been through turbulent times and are now finding their wings ready to rise and fly, transformed by their experiences.
And yes, I would include myself in that category.


Holding Back

I have been so holding back and really playing very small, afraid I’d fail at being me and living my dream.
I’ve backed myself into such a negative situation that I have to fly or get caught in the storm.

It’s time to let go of the resistance and to go all out to bring my trainings and message to the world.
I’ve been telling myself for too long that my message isn’t important enough and yet I feel I cannot truly live without sharing it.

Your Gifts and Talents

How do you feel about your message, gifts and talents?
Is it time for you to soar?

I began writing a workshop in January 2012 called ‘Waking up to Your Why?’
I ran a beta test with four volunteers and I believe it challenged them and I know for at least two they are now on brave and different journeys from when they started.
It’s an opportunity to really look at yourself and who you’ve become and to identify whether you’re really living to your full potential and are on your true path.

I know my path is looking very different from when I first wrote the training and I’m editing it and tweaking it to include powerful new insights and techniques to help you to uncover yourself and your phenomenal future.
If you would like further information or to be added to the email list drop me a line at heather@wakinguptoyourwhy.com

What About Social Media and Online Business?

I believe the two things that will redefine the planet are people and technology, and I have been blessed with a gift of working with both.
I have spent the past year putting out trainings that people were not interested in and I finally get it was because I was attempting to split myself and my message in two.
I am passionate about both and they are both closely intertwined in my life history. So I will be delivering both and every training will include an element of each.
Whether it’s the use of technology to provide support and additional resources or tasking, or whether it’s mind-set training on an Online Marketing course.

What have you been grappling with and Denying?

What inner conflicts have prevented you from embracing your gifts and talents and putting them out into the world?
I truly believe it is now time to play at 100% otherwise what would you want your epitaph to read?
‘Played at 20% because I was scared of life itself?’

There are always reasons and excuses and stories we can find to justify where we are. And of course they are all valid
And of course only each individual can choose to make the change that will change everything.

Join me here over the coming weeks as I work my way toward 2013 making the changes that will change everything.
I aim to share tips and techniques as well as experiences that you can apply should you want to.


Please share your comments, requests and questions below and I will reply personally and be very grateful for your suggestions and feedback

Wishing you magic and miracles always

Heather Bond

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    this is such a coincident. In my roadmap, I was going to do stuff that relates to my personality and branding. But I think it is very important to be yourself rather than someone you look up to, because people can sense your authenticity.

    Also, it’s a lot more fun to be just you :)

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