Is it time to Begin?

Sometimes the very thing we are meant to create is the very thing we are afraid of.
It’s like we know it comes the deepest part of us and expresses who we are.
We will feel exposed if we write, paint, build, shape the very thing that draws us to birth it.

I’ve been contemplating the National Novel Writing Month challenge.
There’s a story that’s been tearing at me and I know I can let it go and move on once it is free.
It will hurt to write it. It will take me on a journey of highs and lows.
and yet I’m feeling it must be done and now is the time.

National Novel Writing Month

This is the opportunity to challenge yourself to writing everyday for a month in order to produce a draft novel.
You can find all of the details here


What draws me is the knowing I will have completed my blogging challenge and I’ve skipped around the subjects I’d include in the book.
The advantage with this is it may never be read. It is the birthing that is important. What happens with it after can be decided later.

Do you feel the pull of your muse calling you to enter?

See you there!

With appreciation

Heather Bond


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