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100 Days of Leadership

By on 10-22-2013 in Leadership, Musings about life, the universe and magic!, Personal Development, Relationships

100 Days of Leadership

It’s amazing what can change and shift in 100 days.

I started this blog challenge to help someone else and to prove to myself that I can commit and complete when I want to.

I feel that one of the more amazing aspects of a challenge like this is being able to track the changes and challenges that come over the time span.
It’s no accident that I sit with new opportunities for challenges and growth and I really invite you to join me if you feel you’d like to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone.

There is one area of my life I haven’t conquered yet – though conquered really isn’t the word I want to use.
I’m considering it very hard.
It would be lovely to enter 2014 knowing I’d got over myself in this area, that I’d found my space, my thing and moved into it resistance free.

So that’s part of my next challenge – to decide and to begin,  as there are at least three opportunities that are calling me to step up.


I’ve found it tough to call myself a leader even when formally I was Senior Manager and yet it’s one of the places I naturally excel.
Isn’t that interesting?

What’s behind the lack of belief?

I could list lots of things really.
I’m the youngest of five children for instance and have three elder brothers.

This may or may not have something to do with it.
None of that matters.

The choice I have now it to step up as a leader, as a person of authority in my field and to declare to the world my ‘expertise’.
I never considered myself an ‘expert’ either.
The true master knows there is always much to learn

I note that I’ve always found the strength to lead others and to elevate a team.
I’m not good at shouting about myself.

Maybe that’s all that’s stopping me :)

What stops you from leading? From shining? From stepping up and out?

In 100 days my life has changed dramatically.

I have moved cities.
I have changed roles.
I have been confronted by the past.
I have acquired custody of a puppy.
I have helped my mum achieve a return to health I hadn’t anticipated.
I have written 100 blogs and will be recording my 50th video.
I took part in Blogsofaugust on Google+
I’ve increased my following on social media by around 1900 folks.

I’ve drunk lot’s of coffee and Earl Grey
I have put on lots of weight (exercise challenge next :) )
I have seen the inside of more hospitals than I care to.
I have learned to challenge a few folks
I have discarded some ‘stuff’.
All when time has been against me like never before and I’ve been pretty challenged about a lot of personal stuff.
I have stepped into a leadership role where my parents are concerned and I guess that’s been one of the biggest shifts of my life.


Maybe being a leader will be easier now.

no-excuses1What have you achieved in the past 100 days?
What would you like to achieve in the next 100 days?

If you’d like to join me in my next 100 days of success challenge (including client getting, business building, relationship work and leading your dream life) then email or contact me and maybe we can work this together.
I’m looking to help five people initially, maybe more if I find the capacity.

I’d like my 2014 (maybe even 2013) to be the year where I step into my success. How about you?

Or use the contact form here

Wishing you an amazing next 100 days and beyond!

With appreciation

Heather Bond


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